Morning weather forecast (August 20, 2018): The tropical period continues and the rains threaten these parts of Serbia (VIDEO) | Telegraph

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It is sunny and very warm today over most of Serbia. In the middle of the day and in the afternoon the development of clouds is expected, and sometimes the occurrence of local thunderstorms, mainly in the southern, southeastern and mountainous regions. It will blow to moderate the north wind. Minimum temperature is from 15 to 21, maximum daily from 29 to 34 degrees.

A similar situation will be in Serbia in the coming days. Some local thunderstorms can be expected in the afternoon, especially in mountainous areas. The maximum temperature in the following days is between 29 and 35 degrees. On Thursday and Friday it is unstable in most parts of Serbia, sometimes with local thunderstorms and thunderstorms.

In Belgrade during the afternoon, sunny, afternoon and very warm. Quiet and without wind. Minimum temperature 19, maximum daily 32 degrees.

Tropical warm weather will be held in Belgrade in the coming daysand the maximum temperature will generally range from 32 to 34 degrees. On Thursday and Friday more clouds are expected and on Sunday it rains.

The period of favorable biometeorological situation continues. Certain problems are possible in cardiovascular patients. Meteoropathic reactions can occur in a milder form. Sufficient protection against UV radiation is necessary.

The next days in Serbia will be tropical warm / Photo: Tanjug / Oksana Toskić

Weather forecast for Europe:

It is often cloudy over most parts of Europe today. It is the coldest in Northern Europe with a temperature of about 15 degrees and the warmest in the south of the continent, where the temperatures will be around midnight.

On the Greek coast and today tropical temperatures. The wind blows to the moderate north wind direction. Minimum temperature from 20 to 24, maximum daily from 29 to 34 degrees.

On the Montenegrin coast of shift of sunny and cloudy intervals, but very warm. The wind is weak to moderate, northwest. Minimum temperature is from 17 to 25, the maximum daily is from 28 to 32 degrees.

On the Croatian coast today, warm and sunny. The wind is weak to moderate, northwest. Minimum temperature is from 20 to 25, maximum daily from 30 to 35 degrees.


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