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Today it is mostly sunny in Belgrade. It blows moderate, westerly winds. Minimum temperature 19 ° C, maximum daily 33 ° C.

In Serbia, sunny and tropical on Friday. In the middle of the day and in the afternoon the development of clouds is expected and in the western, southwestern and mountainous regions of Serbia local thunderstorms, sometimes even thunderstorms are expected. The wind blows to the temperate southeast wind, in the solar spa and in the south of Banat and strong. Minimum temperature from 14 to 22 ° C, maximum daily from 30 to 35 ° C

In Serbia on Saturday, the maximum temperature in most areas is between 28 and 34 ° C. During the day, with cloudy clouds, local thunderstorms are sometimes expected and there are circumstances for thunderstorms with the city. On Sundays in the morning in the Northwest, during the day and in the afternoon and in other parts of Serbia, turbidity and rainfall with rain, rain and thunderstorms. Mondays are fresher and the maximum temperature will not exceed 20 ° C.

In Belgrade it is sunny on Saturday and very warm and the maximum temperature is up to 33 ° C. During the course of the day, with increased clouds, there will be conditions for thunder in the wider area of ​​the city. On Sundays during the day, clouding and rainfall with rain. On Monday cloudy and very fresh with rain and rain. Maximum temperature up to 19 ° C. At the end of the day the precipitation falls and the clouds decrease. Dry and warmer on Tuesdays, temperature up to 23 ° C.

Friday in a large part of Europe It gets sunny and warm. Rain is expected in the north and north-west of the continent, while local thunderstorms sometimes occur in the southeast. In the Alps there are many thunderstorms and thunderstorms. The coldest is in Scandinavia with a temperature of about 15 ° C. The warmest being in the southern and central parts of Europe, the temperature is about 35 ° C.

On the Greek coast, sunny and very warm, blows weak to moderate north wind, maximum temperature of 29 to 35 ° C.

On the Montenegrin coast shifts from sunny and cloudy intervals, blows weak to moderate westerly wind, maximum temperatures up to 34 ° C.

On the Croatian coast a bit fresher with more clouds, The wind is weak to moderate southward, maximum temperature is up to 33 ° C.

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