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photo: Printscreen / Youtube / RTV
photo: Printscreen / Youtube / RTV

tenants demolished houses in Dositejeva 11th century Novi Sad they are currently in talks with the mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, since last night until 7 pm investor he did not find the apartments where they would be accommodated, as he promised.

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Dragan Mitrovic, the chairman of the tenants' meeting of this ruined house, told Blic yesterday that all twenty of them, along with children, will face Mayor Milos Vucevic in the morning of today.

The hotel has been paid to them today

They had to leave the hotel yesterday because they were paid on Monday. So we hid them yesterday for their broken down houses, so that everyone together in the yard guards their property, faced with a new impasse.

Here we cook beans together to eat something and sit in the garden, we keep things that started to steal us. Yesterday a neighbor found a thief with a TV from a broken apartment and when he saw it, he threw it away and ran away – Mitrovic told us.

He also emphasizes that the investor does not believe a word because he deceives them from the start. He adds that they require that they sign and certify contracts with notaries for rental apartments that the investor does not want.

The tenants found yesterday investors representatives who had told us earlier that they were at the meeting and in the city council.

Night without a roof over your head

– How will they find the apartments in a few hours as they promised us and the representatives of the city at the meeting, if they have not done so before. We expect a night without a roof over our heads – Mitrovic told us yesterday.

Residents of apartments in Dositejeva number 11 literally had to flee their homes because their walls were demolished after the investor who built the building on the adjacent plot began digging the foundations.

The contractor "Euroinvest" started with the demolition of the house at number 9, although the construction of the "Astra Plan" the investor for this function was denied.



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