New "Dynasty Zikina": end of missing missing Danijie and then another shock for father (PHOTO) | Telegraph

As his family told Telegraph, a teenager would have seen a woman in Kovil

Dalibor Djordjevic, a missing boy

Look for Danijel Djordjevic (17) from Batajnica, who disappeared yesterday, ended tonight at Kovilje, exclusively learned from

The father who was out of his mind for two days is finally the son of Danijela – alive and well. Then there was another shock.

Danijel did not dare to say that his girl was pregnant Photo: Facebook / Branislav Djordjevic Natasa Bozovic

– Well, I am now like her witch from the movie "Crazy Year". I learned that I would become a granddaughter. Danijel fled from home with a girl because he did not know how to tell us that she was pregnant. I can not explain to you how I feel, "said Father Branislav,, all excited about the two fuzzy nights that had cost him a lot of health.

As Branislav says, the mother of a girl saw a picture on Fejsbuk and asked Danijela if he was, which he denied. The mother doubted she was still the boy who sought Serbia and called Danijel's father.

Father has already given his nickname. Zika Photo: Facebook / Branislav Djordjevic Natasa Bozovic

The woman called me and said, "I do not know how to tell you, but your son is with us." I went to the car and reached Covil in record time. Here we are all together and pull the words out of their mouths. I am not angry, I do not know what I feel, but we talk to them that they do not even have to hide or stand. Who will talk to them, if not with their parents.

The father of the boy found told us that the video was the worst scenario – that Danijel had been bitten by a knife.

Fortunately, everything is in order, and this appeals to young people to solve problems with their parents, in a transparent way, without resorting to problems in every sense of the word.

Remember, Danijel left the house with a certain amount of money, supposedly renting an apartment in New Belgrade. The family searched him everywhere, reported that the police had to disappear and the mobile did not take it.

(Snežana Čenad /[email protected])

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