New elective courses and less material from 3 September

Students of the first and fifth grade of primary school expect new curricula and programs, as well as their older companions in the first grade of the gymnasium, & # 39; Novelty & # 39 ;.

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A new newspaper is a jargon of literature and new election topics.

the 3rd class starts on 3 September for more than 800,000 primary and secondary school students in Serbia. For the first time in the banks sixth and 65,910 aka champion, and the highest number of new collapses falls in Belgrade – about 16,000.

The changes in the program emphasize the knowledge and the theories that the students should have at the end of the first grade. So, for example, in the & # 39; all around us & # 39; everything is about the immediate surroundings of the school, from school to school. Champions of New Year's Eve, Boi, Day of the Round, Holy Savi …

In the Serbian language for the first few, the number of literary works that must be controlled is reduced, while reading is introduced to get used to reading literary works. In mathematics, for example, they will not immediately swim to meters or liters, because it is abstract for them, they are already doing the steps. It also introduces project education, in which they work together with the teachers on certain subjects from more than one topic and then work on projects in the group to get acquainted with group work.

By lowering the volume for the fifth grade, voice changes were overtaken during the evening, the number of items analyzed in the auction was reduced, but the compulsory domestic lesson was returned. It is intended that grammar is not factual, but by examples of literary works that they read. The largest newspaper is a biology school, which is crazy to learn about the spiral model. This means that all topics of this subject are processed, but with factories adapted to age. Their knowledge will be deepened in every next class. The same working model is for Gracanica education. In addition to mathematics, the frets also contain elements of financial literacy, so they have to make simple propositions of the Buddha, more "News".

In addition to the standard items, the gymnasium will also receive new ones. In the first and second class, from the most offered election program, the car will select four, and the choice of two, which will be heard one by one per week. The offer includes: language, media and communication, individual, group and other, health and sports, education for sustainable development, applied sciences and art and design. For the third and fourth class, a list of nine elective courses has been drawn up and the gymnasium chooses five and offers them with their acima. Students regain their choice of two election programs & # 39; s, but now they listen to two aces a week. The high school gym has two aces per week.

Programs that you choose in the first grade, high school students can change in the second grade. What they choose in the third choice, they have to wait until the end of the gymnasium.

aci in Serbia will have four disagreements, and their tops from Vojvodina – three. The first half is scheduled for January 31st and the second one starts on February 18th and runs until June 14th. Eight is released on May 31st. a year for high school students will be 21 June.

During the first short break – autumn fall, students will be in November, from 9 to 12 November. Winter stop for aka in Vojvodina begins on 24 December and ends on 14 January. For collapses in the rest of Serbia, the split is divided into two parts. The first part starts with 3 and ends on 8 January. The second part runs from February 1 to February 14 and is on February 18 because of Day of Punishment.

Disintegration in Vojvodina falls from 19 April to 2 May and for students in the rest of Serbia – from 30 April to 3 May.

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