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In the sharp attacks by the representatives of the Serbian List in Kosovo on all who publicly opposed the idea of ​​the distribution of Kosovo and Metohija, it went beyond the limits of a decent and political dialogue. That is why many Serbs say, how long this "conflict" lasts, that the rhetoric of this Kosovo party sounds like it was once a "targeted target" for GI SDP leader Oliver Ivanovic, prior to the Mayor of the northern part from Kosovska Mitrovica.

M. Todorović

Momcilo Trajkovic

But a letter to President Aleksandar Vucic by the mayor of the Serbian list is seen by many as a hateful language and a distorted threat.

In addition to the fact that all opponents, including the iguana of the Visoki Decani Monastery Sava Janjic, as well as the SPOT leader and member of the Serbian National Forum Momcilo Trajkovic, were called "militants and semi-deserts of foreign embassies", they finally declared that they were ready for them because of their "teasing" are being sought "in their homes and villas and ask them why they did it to the Serbian people."

Trajkovic told the news that such a statement is widespread and that he has elements of the crime, but that he hopes to "answer in court for violation of the Constitution of Serbia and jeopardize the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our imperfect Serbia" ":

Delavi: This has to stop

The essence of the Belgrade-Pristina agreement is that it must guarantee security for all citizens, including vulnerable groups, Kosovo Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church, said the American ambassador to Pristina, Greg Delavi, in a video message.
– In the last few weeks there has been rhetoric that does not help, including the threats and the way of speaking that we have heard in the bad old days of communism. This has to stop. Such statements undermine the chances of a solution and increase the tensions. Violence and threats of violence are unacceptable – Delavi said.

– Horrible! If the president's policy of going out with the Albanians fails, the blame will lie on those who had a different attitude? Probably the president, who proposed such a solution, first sought and received the support of his friends in the world. If the demarcation policy fails, the person who has proposed such a wrong solution is to blame and responsible. As far as the open threats are concerned, it reminds me of the time when those same people "hit" the target on the forehead. Here they went a step further, clearly they said there would be executions. They are not my problem, but the problem of police authorities. Their statement is threatening and contains elements of a criminal offense. So the only saving for me will be if they manage to divide Kosovo. Then they will be in "little Serbia" and I am in "big Albania"! Without a passport they can not come home to me!

"Poltroni Foreign Embassies"

"We invite you not to give up on the mission to save the north of Kosovo and Metohija and all that can be saved from the clutches of Pristina, proposed by Jeremic, Djilas, Janjic, Trajkovici and other militias and semi-natives from foreign embassies.

Their inspiration about our fatal fate should give you an incentive to continue the negotiations, for which you and the Serb people will always have unconditional support.

And if the solution does not come from the plague of the above, we will be forced to look for them in their homes and villas and ask them why they did it for the Serb population, "said the mayor of the Serbian list in Kosovo.

Sasa Jankovic, chairman of the Free Citizens & # 39; Movement and one of the opposition leaders, who also calls the Serbian list days, and which are mentioned in this letter, adds:

– Let's go to our houses, but to see what is happening to Serbia, what is Serbia in this nearly seven years of that power, what are the solutions that have saved Serbia from the bad future, how many people are on the run from their head regardless of the country, how it is Vucic has solved the Kosovo issue. I do not care about our houses, because these cowards can never seriously threaten anyone. They put Serbia in very different ways at risk.

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