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Tanjug / Filip Kraincanic

Deputy mayor of Belgrade: Goran Vesić

– What is worse is that two lives are lost and this can not be returned – Vesic told reporters.

He said that it was an emergency control of fire-fighting equipment in the control room and that the company whose employees were killed had a permanent contract with the National Library.

He underlined that not only the building, nor the people are threatened, and that everything is under control and that the police and representatives of the public prosecution service are on the spot.

"What exactly happened will show an investigation," said Vesic.

He recalled that today's incident on the third day in Belgrade is the last days, so he called on everyone who came into contact with these materials to be careful, to take into account legal and safety procedures and to respect them, because people's lives are nothing bring back.

Responding to questions from journalists, Vesic said that he can not speak about the initials of the injured workers or where the companies worked and that the prosecution with official data would come out.

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