Nusicic remains in Ivanjica –

Cultural event "Nušićijada" is held this year in Ivanjica, and the local self-government has resisted attempts to move the festival to Belgrade.

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Municipality of Ivanjica today, because of alleged attempts to bring confusion to some associations, announced a statement that repeats the decision of the city council Ivanjica of June 5, 2015, the festival "Nušićijada" designated for a permanent manifestation in the field of culture of general interest for the municipality of Ivanjica.

"Cultural event" Nušićijada 2018 "will be held from August 24 to August 26 this year in Ivanjica, organized by the municipality of Ivanjica, the cultural center of Ivanjica and the tourism organization of Ivanjica, the organizer

In October 2009 the city council of Ivanjica renewed the "Nušićijada" festival and the "Nušićijada" festival was designated as a permanent event in the field of general interest culture for the municipality of Ivanjica. "[19659007] Citizens & # 39; Association KudeS participated in the reconstruction and part of the organization of the festival "Nušićijada", and the representative of the association KudeS, by submitting his resignation to the organizing committee of the cultural event "Nušićijada 2018 ", has also excluded the same from all activities in the organization and realization of the mentioned event,

in order to mislead g to prevent Citizens, the municipality of Ivanjica, as the original founder and sponsor of the "Nušićijada" event, invites all citizens to visit the cultural event "Nušićijada 2018" and to visit, get or actively participate in the media the promotion of the same ", according to the press release.

The KUDS association tried to move this event to Belgrade and claimed that their local self-government was against it.

The grandson of Nušić will also support this event that will appear in Nušićijada in Ivanjica next week.

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