Opening of the new bridge of Željelj, transfer to RTV1

The bridge is a steel structure and is located on five pillars. It is 474 meters long and more than 30 meters wide. There are two tracks, as well as two road tracks and two footpaths.

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Although it resembles an old agreement, the new bridge connecting the Novi Sad side between Srem and Novi beograd is completely different from the bridge designed by architect Branko Žeželj in 1961, explains Aleksandar Bojović, the main designer of the bridge for Radio Novi. Sad, out.

The official name was the fraternity and unity bridge at the opening, because of suspicions about the safety of the bridge, engineer Žeželj built a boat under the bridge during a test, which consisted of crossing the most difficult freight train across the bridge to let everyone see how he believes in his work.

After the new bridge was put into use, instead of the old one that was demolished during the NATO bombing of 1999, it is expected that in the following period the old assembly-dismantling-road-railway bridge will disappear, which has been in operation since 2000 and the two banks of the Danube connect Novi Sad.

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