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August 23, 2018 20:59 |

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On Thursday, the first test flight of the new single-engine aircraft of the "Utva" based in Pancevo was made. The plane costs between 250,000 and 350,000 euros

"SOVA" has flown successfully. This is a new plane from Utva, which was built in this factory after three decades. On Thursday, the "owl" spread its wings in the sky over the Banat-area and ended up at the airport in Pancevo after an hour of the first test flight.

This single-jet plane, a low-skip, designed for training, sports and tourist flying, air-taxi and panoramic sightseeing. The aircraft is also optional for reconnaissance, aerial photography and other operations.

– Certification will be completed in the next ten months to initiate serial production, – says Aleksandar Petrovic, a leading designer in the design of the aircraft and development manager and design manager at Utva. – The aircraft can fly up to 3500 meters, but more than 3000 meters is prohibited without flying oxygen equipment. "Owl" can also be used to train military pilots, as with the proper equipment it can carry weapons.

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The plane is four-seated, with fixed traction, type "tricycle". This configuration enables landing on asphalt and prepared grass tracks. The plane is complete with Utvin, from design to production and testing. The project lasted about two and a half years and cost less than a million euros. The price of the plane is between 250,000 and 350,000 euros, and in "Utvi" expect that countries from different parts of the world are interested in buying "owls".

– The aircraft is equipped with the newest aircraft – adds Petrović. – It has less noise and vibrations in the cabin. It is comfortable and according to preliminary results we see that we have reduced consumption and increased flight speed and speed in the horizontal flight compared to "Wave 75". We have made a plane that competes with aircraft such as "Cessna" and "Piper".


The pilot for the first time was pilot Zoran Spanovic.

– This aircraft is a very competitive aircraft, exceptional flight performance and I expect a bright future. The plane is above expectations – said Zoran Španović. – The aircraft has state-of-the-art digital equipment and can fly both during the day and during the night, under all circumstances. Tourists feel much better in him than in some "piper" or "garlic", which, unlike the "owl", do not have air conditioning in the cabin.

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