Pale celebrates the baptism

Solemn session of SO Pale - Photo: RTRS

Solemn session of SO PalePhoto: RTRS

The celebration of the Day of the Church of Pale and the Holy Glory – Great Lady, which is the glory of the Church of the Ascension of the Most Blessed Theotokos, will start at 9 am with the service of the Holy Archdiocese. Cvijanović will attend the celebration of the baptism of glory from 10 o'clock.

On the occasion of the celebration of the municipality, a solemn session took place in the city council tonight. In the presence of a large number of guests, the municipality's management referred to projects that had been carried out in the past year.

In the past year a number of infrastructure projects were implemented, as well as the development of the municipality in the field of economy, sport and culture.

– We are happy to have done this year. We do not have the right to end the continuity when it comes to major infrastructure projects, because they help the municipality. We are waiting for a lot of work to do – said Mayor Bosko Jugovic.

During the festive session, honored colleagues and people received awards. The pale municipality in the next period remains a big building site to give Pala citizens a better life and to further develop the municipality.

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