Pancevo Utva has made a new plane "Owl" after 30 years

It is a single-engine airplane, a low-skip, designed for training, sports and tourist flying, air taxi & # 39; s and panoramic sightseeing.

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Also one of the characteristics of the aircraft is that it can be changed quickly.

The 41 M program, known as "Owl", is funded by Jugoimport SDPR and Utva has completed design, modification, production of prototypes, tests and certification of aircraft.

Utva succeeded after more than 30 years in independently designing, making and testing a new aircraft.

"Owl" is a modernized version of the basic aircraft Utva 75, which is intended for initial training, sport and tourist flying.

The aircraft can optionally be used for scouting, aerial photography and other operations.

It can also carry weapons with the installation of the right equipment, it was published on the site of Jugoimport.

The "owl" is a plane with a single jet, a low profile, a full metal shell construction, with an engine block and a composite time zone.

The plane is a four-sided configuration "next to each other", with tricycles with fixed traction.

Configuration of the stock trap enables landing on asphalt and prepared grassland tracks.

The aircraft is equipped with a single, four-cylinder, air-cooled engine and an elise "constant speed".

The mass of the empty plane is 750 kilos, the length of the aircraft is 7.11 meters, the wing freedom is 9.8 meters and the height is 3.14 meters.

The maximum horizontal speed of the aircraft is 230 km per hour, the power is 210 hp and the persistence of the aircraft with an economic speed of 4.2 hours.

"Owl" will make a test flight tomorrow at Pančevo airport, which will last for an hour, and the leading designer for the aircraft design Aleksandar Petrovic will present plans for further work and flying, as well as new projects of the company.

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