PARTICIPANTS AND PEARLS FINISHED ON ROBIA Due to drug trafficking sentenced to four years in prison

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Ema Lapin, 24, a singer and former participant in the rialita "Couples", ended up in a fire fighting prison because she was sentenced to four years and two months in prison for the production and trafficking of drugs.

The singer, who became known for her participation in the rial program, was sentenced for a long time to the Supreme Court in Belgrade for a long time slave.

Photo: Facebook / private archive

Lapinova was convicted after she had concluded a plea agreement with the public prosecutor's office in Belgrade.

In a country for a small sentence, Lapin admitted it was a crime and was transferred to a female prison last week to serve a sentence.

The singer has postponed her for almost a year to the slave.

Photo: Facebook / private archive

The verdict against Lapinova became final in September 2017. Until now she was able to postpone the execution of the sentence. The court no longer accepted its declaration for the postponement of the prison sentence.

She also gets a month in prison for keeping her in custody.

Photo: Facebook / private archive

We remember that the former participant of "Parova" was arrested 25 years ago after the police infiltrated her apartment and found nearly six kilos of marijuana. In the Lapinova apartment, the medicines were packed in 23 packages and one bag and the police found an electronic plaque.

After the arrest, she claimed that the drug was not hers and that everything was fine. However, after a month in detention the singer decided to admit that the marijuana was her and settled with the prosecutor.

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