(PHOTO) PRESLATKO! These are the new residents of the Belgrade Zoo

The zoological garden of the city of Belgrade has become richer for four new residents, namely two new species.

It is about the most beautiful llama's – alpaca and the largest rodent – capi bars.

Alpaca for the first time in our garden, although until now we have had lama guanaco in addition to the ordinary llama's. Besides being much more fun than other llama's, the alpaca is also known for extremely high-quality hair that can be up to 40 centimeters long – the city garden is published on the Facebook page.

The light alpaca is a male, while the beauty of the brown hair new girl in the garden. They still have no name, but if they get used to a new life on Kalemegdan, they will find something suitable for it.

In addition, there are shakers, rodents from 100 to 130 centimeters and heavy from 50 to 60 kilos. They are known as good swimmers, who can even sleep in the water, keep their noses above the surface, and then large divers can stay under water for up to five minutes!

Super animals are also on land because some specimens run fast as a horse.

Animals came to Ljubljana from our capital city, as part of the exchange with the Zoo & # 39; s Garden at that time. So from Belgrade a few red kangaroos go to Slovenia.

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