Pipelines in Belgrade, 40 years old, will become a disaster until they are renewed Belgrade

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August 20, 2018 10:51 |

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The president of the city council said that the damage to the water pipe in Kraljevo Milan was restored and that in the next 48 hours the defects in Kosovska and Ustanička Street

Belgrade President Nikola Nikodijevic says that the damage with water supply and hot water pipes will occur until the entire common infrastructure, which is more than 40 years old, is renewed and the deadline is 25 years.

Nikodijevic said that the repair of the water pipeline in Kraljevo Milano has been repaired and that in the next 48 hours the defects in Kosovska ulica will be remedied, as well as Ustanicna to Mokro Lug.

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"As long as we do not restore the entire common infrastructure, there will be disasters, because the pipes are more than 40 years old and the warranty period is not that much," Nikodijevic told TV Prva.

He announced that the works on the Square of the Republic and in the Karadjordjeva Street will soon begin, but that they try to save as few files as possible.

Works on the Republic Square last 420 days, are done in three shifts, under floodlights and at night, and cameras are installed on the construction sites so that citizens can monitor the works.

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"The traffic until March will certainly not be closed and some directions will be closed from March, but we will try to keep a motorway for traffic," he explained, and he asked the citizens of Belgrade for a little patience "nicer Belgrade".

Until 3 September, he said, the streets of Kneginje Zorka and Takovska will be completed.

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