Politics online – Bajram is a real opportunity to start living in community

On the occasion of the Islamic holiday Kurban Bayram, which begins today, the Ulema of the Islamic Community of Serbia (IZS) Sead Nasufovic said that Bajram is a real opportunity for a man to break his loneliness and live a real life. start – a life in community.

In a Bajram deputy, Nasufovic declared that more than ever, man is under constant pressure to abandon the encounter with man, and that salvation is sought in loneliness today.

He points out that the history of Islam is not written that it was once worshiped by Bajram Namaz nor that I ever performed rituals of Hajj.

"For meeting and friendship, the right decision and sacrifice are needed, for separation and hostility, only the wrong decision is enough, and the unnecessary sacrifices come naturally. Nowadays, all the hajja's of the world are in the same place, in the same garb, with the same decision and with the same sacrifice. "Hadž teaches us the beauty of communion, the beauty of meeting and equality," Nasufovic said.

As he said, this year the rival of the Muslim Community of Serbia organized a trip to Hajj for 415 believers, and in the organization of other communities in the Serbia region, Hajj will do more than 230 believers.

Nasufovic said that the main activities of Muslim believers in Bairam days were the solemn worship of Bajram namaz and slaughter of kurban (victims).

When it comes to donating kurbana during Bajram, he said today that the last day is that believers borrow money to buy kurba meat.

"The goal is that every believer can buy meat from Kurban, regardless of material possessions.In the tradition of Islam, Kurban's flesh is not only shared with Muslims, but for everyone and therefore we donate it to all public institutions with kitchens," Nasufovic said.

Kurban Bayram or Hadji Bayram is a festival of sacrifice celebrated for four days and begins two months and ten days after Ramadan.

Congratulates the expression "Bajram sherif mubarek olsun", which in translation means "be honest and blessed by Bajram. (Tanjug)

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