Politics online – Prosvetari protest on Friday, looking for salaries as doctors

Representatives from all four representative trade union unions will be protesting on Friday, August 31, because they want teachers with the seventh grade of education to be transferred to the ninth pay group together with doctors, announced today at a Belgrade conference.

The protest starts at noon for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, from where the teachers go to the government of Serbia and then to the ministry of public administration and local self-government.

President of the Union of educational unions of Serbia Jasna Jankovic said that 1,000 teachers were transferred to the ninth pay group and that those with a pedagogical title and work in difficult circumstances, 1,000 school librarians remained in the seventh pay group, while the other 98 percent are educational staff members in the eighth salary group, where they contributed to making their promotion almost impossible.

"We are now fighting for our status and on August 31, 2018, is the moment when we fight for justice for the couple, for justice that will take us to the ninth payroll group where we will be able to go through 11 pay rounds," Jankovic said. .

This is, as she said, the request from whom she will not give up and for whom she will not only fight on 31 August, but also through strikes, that is to say shortening the hours for 30 minutes from the first school day on 3 September, as well as 11, 19 and 27 September.

It was announced that the salary groups and class ordinances would be adopted by the end of September, Jankovic recalled and stressed that it is now time for the Government of Serbia, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Administration and the local self-government to persuade teachers in the ninth pay group.

The protest will be attended by representatives of Union of Unions or Educational Workers of Serbia, Union of Education Workers or Serbia "Nezavisnost", Union of Education or Serbia and Union of Workers in Education or Serbia. (Tanjug)

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