Politics online – World Day of the helicopter marked with spectacle in Dobanovci

DOBANOVCI – On the occasion of the World Day of Helicopters a helicopter show was held today at the heliport in Dobanovci, where visitors could enjoy promotional flights.

Visitors to the event also had a broad application of helicopters in rescue missions, air fires, passenger and medical transports, as well as in many other missions and areas.

In the organization "Balkan helicopters" a series of unmanned aircraft was presented for the second consecutive year, after which members of the Mountain Rescue Service, as explained by Nemanja Milić of the Mountain Service, demonstrated a demonstration exercise – how rescue missions can be carried out in cooperation with helicopter transport.

Pilot Goran Krneta performed a free flight with a helicopter, with acrobatics, and told the audience, he said he was impressed by the number of visitors, that he was very interested in this event and in particular thanked for the presence of members of the Air Force of the Serbian Armed Forces, as well as members of the helicopter units of the MUP of Serbia.

He particularly pointed out the satisfaction he saw from important people in the aerospace industry, which he says is that helicopters are becoming a very important segment of the aviation industry in Serbia.

During the event, visitors had the opportunity to try out helicopter missions on the simulator, photograph them in a pilot jacket and with other pilot equipment, as well as to see and paint in vintage cars.

Workshops were also held in which visitors could learn how to pack a parachute, repair the helicopter and get acquainted with the operation of the system of light marking of heli streams.

Director of Balkan helicopters, Sara Krneta, told reporters that all visitors could get acquainted with the helicopter and that they could also learn the helicopter that Robinson 44 and Robinson 46 recommends.

"We also visited the helicopter helicopter Bel 206. They are all different targets, and the biggest ones are in commercial flights," explained Krnetet.

She is satisfied, she says, with great interest in the event, especially the most visited by people with young children, newlyweds, and interested in their services in the prospect of celebrating birthdays and adrenalin addicts.

Representative of the Tourist Organization of Serbia Olgica Miljkovic believes that such events contribute to the promotion of tourism in Serbia and adds that they organized two tourism campaigns with the Balkan helicopters.

Last year it was the campaign "See Serbia – the perfect ODMOR is within reach," said Miljkovic, and this year a campaign "See Serbia – which moments will you remember this summer" was organized this year.

She announced that the tourist organization of Serbia would try to help the helicopters in the Balkans get a new fleet. (Tanjug)

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