Politika online – Increased food control by soya from Serbia


Confirmed presence of GMOs in the products of the Soy Protein plant, the Macedonian Food and Veterinary Agency announced. – The "Victoria group" says that their strains are not genetically modified

author: Jelica Antelj / Ivana AlbunovićTuesday, August 21, 2018 at 22:00

Macedonia fights a major problem today with the sale and cultivation of genetically modified food, which is prohibited according to the regulations of the country. It all started with the discovery of the Macedonian Food and Veterinary Agency (AHV), which found a ton of genetically modified food on the market, of which 510 kilos of soy flakes, as well as soy casseroles, sold by the famous Macedonian manufacturer of healthy food "Vitaly" .

Soybeans, however, as the AHV announced, originally came from Serbia, more specifically from the Soy Protein plant in Becej, which operates within the "Victoria Group". This Macedonian agency has announced on its official website that the presence of GMOs in this cereal has been confirmed by the superanalysis of a reference laboratory of the European Union, followed by extensive monitoring in Macedonia. At the insistence of the inspectors, the largest food producers were found, including rice growers from Kochan.


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