Politika Online – Mayor of Nis was wounded by members of the KPS

Niš – At the passenger vehicles that crossed Merdare, on the Pristina-Niš road, around 22.30 hours ago, members of the Kosovo police forces brutally attacked the mayor of Nis, Dark Bulatovic, and another Nis city official, Milos Sekulic, without any incentives to. They returned with a private vehicle (owned by Bulatovic) to KiM, where they stayed during the visit of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to the southern Serbian province.

As we learned, the Mayor of Nis was hit by an arm fracture and a severe injury to his shoulder, and after an attack and injury he was held all night in the police in Podujevo, and only on Sunday morning he was allowed to continue his journey to Nis . Yesterday at noon, Darko Bulatovic was transferred to the clinical center of Nis where he was taken care of and, as the "Southern News" said Prof. Dr. Zoran Radovanovic, director general of this healthcare institution, is out of life. It is in a stable condition and under the constant supervision of a doctor and other medical staff at this center, Dr. Radovanovic. Today or tomorrow will be released for home recovery.

The attack took place, the & # 39; Politika & # 39; was told, at a time when Bulatovic and Sekulic arrived at the passage at Merdar from Kosovska Mitrovica, and when several members of the Kosovo police were fully armed for the vehicle they were in. One of them approached the driver's door and when Bulatovic, who was the car manager, opened the window, he asked for personal and traffic documents. When the mayor of Nis had stretched out the documents, the policeman suddenly pulled him by the hand and began to fold and break. Then the policeman called the mayor of Nis, with a few sudden jerks upwards and his hand turning to the side, causing a serious injury to his shoulder. After the march attack, Darko Bulatovic was ordered to leave the car and return it to the police station in Podujevo, where he was held all night.

Milos Sekulic passed without any injury.

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