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Today, there is nothing more than a bridge over all our differences, which Serbia is full of, and also against the future, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Novi Sad at the opening of the Zezelj Bridge. The Danube traffic road, located in the same place as the previous one, the same name, destroyed during the NATO bombing, was officially opened by Vucic and European Commissioner Johannes Hahn in the presence of numerous officials and citizens. On this occasion, the President of Serbia said that we have overcome a great historical injustice, while the EU Commissioner said that the Zezelj Bridge is a symbol of the European future of Serbia.

According to Tanjug, Vučić and Han shook hands with the information board, then removed the plastic barriers at the beginning of the bridge and then walked halfway through the road, which was this way after the first trains had passed by the end of March, now open for full traffic. On this occasion, the President of Serbia pointed out that he did not even dream of "what beauty we build".

"If I stop here and look at this beautiful bridge, it's more clear than ever that it's all the job to build bridges, bridges are always where the needs of people are exceeded," Vucic said.

Noting that many did not believe in the durability and stability of the old Zhezel bridge, he pointed out that this road was attacked 12 times in NATO aggression before it was demolished. From that story, Vucic added, it is clear that "the strongest concrete can be demolished when the worst policy measures come together – both their own and ours".

"But we also see how it builds a good policy – both ours and theirs", emphasized Vucic, adding that Serbia and Vojvodina and Novi Sad, and especially Europe, participated in the construction of the bridge, according to which this bridge "almost 20 years of aggression without meaning," she said. He said that the Zezelj bridge was a symbol of accelerated, connected Serbia during the burglary & # 39 ;.

Thanks to Commissioner Hana for these and other European investments, Vucic said that trains across the Zezelj bridge reach 160 kilometers, but that we have to hurry to reach Europe, reports Tanjug. The Serbian president also emphasized that Serbia is deeply indebted to its Russian and Chinese friends with whom we are building railways to Europe. He repeated that we definitely go to Europe, but we do not give up our friends and "we all speak in the face of Serbian politics".

"We will continue with this policy," Vucic said. Insisting that Serbia has the most direct foreign investment, and that 80% of them come from EU countries, Vucic added that the government debt is reduced, which is expected to be 49% by the end of the year.

He pointed out that total GDP is 40 billion dinar and that economic growth is five percent or two billion dinars. According to Vucic, that money can be spent without borrowing the country or increasing public debt.

"It is therefore important that we support such growth, and this will be done by further investments in infrastructure, ie roads and bridges, hospitals, but also apartments for soldiers and policemen, later for professors, doctors, nurses," said he. Vučić.

"For the first time Serbia is in third place in the first six months of growth, I believe we will maintain our position in the first five European countries by the end of the year and we are not alone in this year, but we want to be in the first three, four of the most successful countries in terms of growth rate over the next ten years, "said Vucic.

As he noted, when he talked about it some time ago, many people said that they were "ecstatic stories" and that there was no truth in them, and now, he added, he saw that he was telling the truth. European Commissioner for Enlargement Negotiations and Neighborhood Policy Johannes Hahn said that he can not imagine a better symbol that describes the importance of European integration than the bridge.

"Integration means building bridges between citizens, people, the past and the future.This wonderful eastern bridge connects your city with the other bank of the river, but also your country with the EU, with a European family," he emphasized.

According to Beta, Han reminded that the money that the EU financed the construction of bridges was only a small part of EU aid to Serbia.

"Since 2007 we have received around 2.2 billion euros in grants, and this amount will grow to 3 billion euros by 2020," Han said, emphasizing that these are not loan commitments, but a means to improve the quality of life of citizens.

The construction of the Zezelj bridge, 474 meters long, according to Tanjug, cost 54 million euros, of which the EU funded a project with 25 million euros, so much was given together by the province, and the state has allocated four million.

Hard to solve for Kosmet

In answering questions about journalists, President Aleksandar Vucic pointed out that "it is becoming increasingly clear that we will find it difficult to find a solution for Kosovo and Metohija" and added that those who seek nothing and rejoice " great nothing ", can continue to seem to rejoice, because everything goes in the direction that Serbia gets nothing.

"I expected our political opponents to organize celebrations in Serbia, and they received statements that the borders would not change, they said of Europe, Albanians, and others, and they only forgot to tell our people they were talking about the limits of a independent Kosovo not to change, "said Vucic, and Tanjug reports. He said it was not true what his political opponents say when he says: "Kacanik is Serbian and will always be Serbian." Vucic said that you and those who have consciously worked on the integrity of Kosovo, and that they have just ordered to protect our national interests. The Serbian president also stated that Serbia would remain willing to compromise and look for what is reasonable and rational for the country.

Speaking about finding a strategic partner for RTB Bor, the Serb president remarked that this was a remarkable result at the first attempt, while "some tried to sell RTB Bor about four times" and failed because everything went wrong in the that company also in the country when they led it. He pointed out that we will no longer have the debts that the company is a rule of thumb, and that the cooperation with the Chinese is great for all of Eastern Serbia, because "the Chinese have a strong control over the world market for copper".

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