Politika Online – The corridor wall on Corridor 10 has collapsed again

Corridors of Serbia today, on the part of Gornje Polje – Carina Dolina, for the tunnel Predejane on Corridor 10, in the length of 50 meters, damage the supporting structure and destabilization of the part of the protective slope, of which the length 725 meters has been announced.

The building inspection visited the site during the day, and on-site emergency meetings of all responsible participants in the project: contractors, supervisors, investors, designers and others were detained to determine the exact causes of the collapse of the retaining wall and emergency remediation measures, stated the Corridors of Serbia.

Given that the degree of physical realization in this section reached 90.5 percent of the completed works, the works on this part of the Corridor 10 route will be continued and in addition to the necessary remediation of this part of the site, the statement.

Contractor for the works is the Spanish company Azvi, and expert supervision is carried out by consortium "Louis Berger and Egnatia Odos".

The execution of these works is financed by the European Investment Bank. (Tanjug)

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