Politika Online – Vulin's meeting with the Minister of the Republic of Cape Verde

Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin met in Belgrade with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Diaspora of the Republic of Cape Verde (Republic of Cape Verde), Luiz Filipe Tavareš, the Ministry of Defense.

Minister Vulin thanked Minister Tavareš for the principled position of the Republic of Cape Verde and his efforts and personal contribution for not recognizing the so-called "" Kosovo "as an independent state, despite the many pressure exerted on Cape Verde.

As minister Vulin emphasized, Cape Verde showed his courage, but also knows how to appreciate the freedom, because the values ​​and the desire for freedom are united by two geographically distant countries and states & # 39 ;.

The Serbian Minister of Defense in the subsequent period presented to his colleagues from Cape Verde the signing of the agreement on defense cooperation as a legal framework for the cooperation of both armies.

Minister Tavareš emphasized the strong historical ties and excellent political relations between the two countries. He also stressed that the Republic of Cape Verde has confirmed that it is a safe and reliable partner for Serbia in the Atlantic, and reiterated a fundamental and clear position on the non-recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of the so-called "Kosovo" ".

Minister Tavareš has called Minister Vulin in the coming period for an official visit to the Republic of Cape Verde.

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