Popovic supported the introduction of a military term

Strengthening the military power of Serbia is a guarantee of maintaining stability in the region and protecting the interests of the Serbian state and population, according to Popovic.

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According to him, a big mistake was made when the military service was abolished in 2010 by the proponents of Serbia's accession to the NATO pact.

Then, as a delegate, I was categorically opposed to making such a decision, the minister remembers.

Serbia must as a military neutral state strengthen its military power in every way possible.

In addition to buying weapons and increasing military cooperation with Russia, we need to have a military-educated population and a wider military reserve to preserve our state independence, national interests in the region and military neutrality, said Popovic.

The history of Serbia has shown that the military-educated population played a key role in the defense of our country and the preservation of freedom, concludes Popovic, and concludes that military training and strengthening of patriotic feelings and love for the homeland in young people is a condition for the free and powerful Serbia.

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