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August 23, 2018 21:27 |

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Gorica Jevtic, a 57-year-old woman from Nis, Gorica, was killed near Prokuplje while she was reading prunes

KISA suddenly began to fall and then it was followed. Thunder hit Gorica directly in the head, on the right above the ear. She stayed dead on the spot.

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So for "Novosti", says Milan Timotijevic, a relative of Gorica Jevtic (57) from Nis, who was killed by picking plums in the Potocic village near Prokuplje. Her husband had been contracted for a while during a lightning strike, but he immediately received medical assistance and was not put in danger.

The locals still describe the event from Wednesday to noon.

– It does not say in vain like a lightning from the sky. E was just like Wednesday afternoon while the Jevtić plums were reading in an orchard near the house – say the neighbors.

ONLY THE WORDS OF HVALA For the deceased Gorica residents Potočić only have praise. She came to this village with her family. They say she was calm and friendly to everyone. She worked as an educator and was good at that job, the local residents say. – It is as if God is taking the best.

– Gorica was her husband Radoslav, daughter Sunčica and older neighbor Vesna. She lives in the house of Jevtic because she lives in Niš.

According to Milan Timotijevic, a cousin who had been killed by a woman suddenly started to rain, so that they could not leave the plum.

– The weather has changed quickly. Suddenly the thunder hit Gorica in his head – continues the story of Timothyevic. – It did not help her, because she died immediately after the power of the electricity that went through her whole body.

Gorica's husband, Radosav, says that the cousin we encountered in the yard had been unconscious for some time. The ambulance was immediately transported to the general hospital "Dr Aleksa Savić" and placed in the internal department.

– This is just incredible, because nothing has ever happened in our village. Not at least since I remember, but Gorizia has not disappeared in our time – the story of Vasilije Jevtić, an 89-year-old relative of the late Gorizia.

The family of an unfortunate Gorica Jevtic

An unhappy woman was buried Thursday in a village cemetery, in the presence of a large number of family members and friends. Dozens of vehicles were on the local road in Potocic, while the locals shook incredulously because of an unprecedented tragedy.

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