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Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic responded to the appeals by Vuk Jeremic, the president of the People's Party, which he made on the social network Twitter.

Ana Brnabić Photo: Tviter

It began with Jeremic who wrote that "the Brnabic family is of the opinion that after the fall of the dictatorship they can live freely abroad and enjoy the property they have acquired during the fingering of the prime minister's office."

"This is the only way to explain the nonchalance with which they are faced with the obvious conflict of interest, they are very deceived," Jeremic said, and the prime minister of the private order on Twitter replied "for another male and heroic attack ".

& # 39; Something went wrong … I have not received $ 200,000 from the Katar Embassy in Berlin, but you. And as far as thieves and corruption are concerned, you and your colleagues are unmatched in contemporary Serbian history. Keep me healthy, "Brnabic told him.

Jeremic replied that he had been in power for six years and that he had examined all his finances in detail – legal and illegal, and found nothing controversial, but she and her brother "will not be safe."

"Do not be irritated, I call Qatar and you're on a plane … What's the problem of explaining what $ 200,000 has been received from foreign embassies abroad?" Said the prime minister.

In the end, Brnabic apologized to Jeremic and told him they could not get along with him in the mud.

"How interesting it was and how tempting it is to answer every lie and insult, I do not have the time Man, do you know exactly what kind of situation you left the country and what should all happen now?" Prime Minister tweette.

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