PREMIJERKA UPRIPSTILA JEREMIĆA: Vuče, I have not received $ 200,000 from the Embassy of Qatar, but you!

The Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic ruined Vuk Jeremic's response to the threats she had made to her and her family

The self-appointed opposition leader, Vuk Jeremic, today threatened the Serbian Prime Minister Ani Brnabic and her family on Twitter on Twitter, and this is how she replied:

Tripping, I congratulate you with another male and heroic attack. Something went wrong … I have not received $ 200,000 from the Katar embassy in Berlin, but you. And as far as thieves and corruption are concerned, you and your colleagues are unmatched in contemporary Serbian history. Let me stay healthy – wrote the Prime Minister of Serbia and ruined the thief of Jeremic.

LOPOVČINA JEREMIĆ SAD I PRETI! Attacked by Anne Brnabić and her family!

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