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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke about the case of the detention of our citizen in Montenegro. He visited his father in Spuž. According to the family it is well maintained, but often it cries

SERBIA makes it as good as possible in the case of the detention of our citizen Sare Vidak in Montenegro, said the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic Tuesday. He told reporters at the airport in Batajnica that he had spoken with the Minister of Justice, Nelom Kuburovic.

How much we can do and her parents should know, "said Vucic, the day after the undisputed panel of the Kotor court, rejected the lawyer's objection to the 30-day detention of Belgrade citizen Sari Vidak.

She has been accused of committing the offense of attacking an official person, or a judge of the minor court, Jelena Stanisic. The judge claims that Sara Vidak was physically attacked after her friend sentenced him to a crime. Sara and her family claim, however, that Jelena Stanisic initially verbally and physically attacked the woman in Belgrade and then falsely accused the Serbian woman. They claim that this was all recorded with cameras.

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Lawyer Dijana Knezevic, representative of Judge Stanisic, said Tuesday that the statement about the existence of a video film of the event "manipulation by public opinion".

– It is known that the Magistrates' Court of Kotor has never had any form of protection, both physically and technically, – says a lawyer.

– The false claims are that the mother of the suspect, Sara Vidak, was prevented from taking her daughter into custody because she has the right to do so after she has given a testimony to the public prosecutor. But her decision was to leave the state of Montenegro before he testified and thereby denied himself the right to visit his daughter in detention.

CHANGE GAGS We await the court's response to our request to release Sara on bail. We are ready to issue the passports of Serbia and Canada, of which she is a citizen, an identity card issued in Belgrade. We agree that the court determines its whereabouts and reports to the police until the end of the trial – says Oliver Vidak Kovačević. Saru Vidak should visit the Ambassador of Canada in Vienna for the next three days …

Dijana Knezevic also states that all six witnesses who were questioned before the public prosecutor did not present facts that would indicate that the judge acted in violation of the ethical code.

Saru was visited by Father Aleksandar on Tuesday, confirmed by Sarina's mother, Oliver Vidak Kovačević, for "Novosti".

– He flew from Turkey, where he worked as a pilot "Turkish Airlines". My aunt's sister was with him. What can I tell you? Sara holds on, but she creeps into her pay when she visits her. It seems to be good … – a story with the pain of Oliver, who did not get permission from the examining magistrate to visit her daughter, because the witness is in the whole case.

According to Oliver's words, Sara is crying for the sake of her family. Because of the state of health it is on a special diet, but it is now being taken by buying food in a prison canteen.

– I hope that this agony will soon be interrupted – says Oliver Vidak Kovačević.

The Beograđanke family claims that after the arrest excessive pressure was exerted by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Zoran Pažin, the president of the Supreme Court of Vesna Medenica and the Montenegrin media, that Sari is detained and sentenced before the presentation of the evidence.

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