PUCNJAVA IN LESKOVC: He killed a young man and killed his dog


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The Leskovac police are looking for a man who wounded Milan Savic on Thursday (26). The attacker fired seven gunshot wounds, injured wounded in the Nis KC

LESKOVCANIN Milan Savic, 26, who was injured on Thursday during a gunfight in front of the Leskovac stadium, was urgently operated at the NIS Clinical Center and, as we learn, is not endangered by life. He is placed at the Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Care and has four wounds with firearms, two bulletproof, on the upper arm and two on the chest and abdomen. At Savic, seven hours before midnight, seven gunshots were shot and found at the FK Dubocica Stadium.

According to "Novosti", the collision began half an hour before midnight when several nearby shots were fired at the nearby Savic Park. Although he was injured, he managed to reach the FK Dubocica stadium, where he was found. When it was transported to the emergency center of the Leskovac General Hospital, the grain remaining in the body was discovered, so it was decided to be sent immediately to the clinical center of Nis. And at that moment he was in a conscious, communicative and stable state.

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Researchers believe the victim knows the attacker, but Savic refused to say who had shot him according to unofficial information. Everything was said to have been preceded by a quarrel and the shooting that followed was, as we learned, Savic's dog was killed, the Stafford raced. The wounded young man lives as a tenant near the attack site, while in the park, according to neighbors, a society meets every evening to make noise against the early morning hours.

The woman heard aloud, but she did not go outside. There is a crowd every night and fights are fired so that none of us have long gone to see what is happening. A few days ago, the neighbor in the park collected more than 20 syringes. The same every night. I was up to half an hour, but this morning I heard what was happening – says Perica Filipovic, who lives in the neighborhood.

Perica Filipovic


THE COMSIAN injured young men say they had no problems with him. Savic probably lived alone, but neighbors say that he often came to society.

– We've seen some young men and girls here. He had that staford and led him through the park every night. He would always put a basket on him, especially because his dog and another dog had been bombed, but they said he did not have that Friday. Who knows what happened here – talk in the neighborhood.

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