Refreshments! STIŽU OBLACI! RHMZ announced the city, storm and rain for Sunday in Serbia news

Serbia will be mostly sunny today in most parts of the country, and only in the Northwest, and in the afternoon and in the afternoon. In the evening in other parts, there will be more rain with rain, thunderstorms and thunderstorms, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ).

RHMZ warned that short-term weather conditions followed by heavy rainfall, city and storm winds are expected today on the spot.

In the greater part of the country there will be a light to moderate wind, which from time to time in Vojvodina, and afternoon and evening in Pomoravlje and Timočka Krajina, will occasionally be strong.

The lowest temperature is between 14 and 21 degrees and the highest from 24 in the northwest to 33 degrees in the east and southeast.

It will be mostly sunny in Belgrade today, and from the afternoon it will be stronger with rain, rain, thunder and a noticeable drop in temperature. The lowest temperature is about 21 degrees and the highest temperature is about 28 degrees.

Unfavorable biometeorological situation for the most chronically ill and vulnerable people. Caution should be exercised in asthma patients, rheumatists and heart patients. Meteoropathic reactions are possible in the form of sleep disorders and muscle pain.


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