Renters of Dositey still on the street, City of "pressure" investors (AUDIO)

"Because of his illegal actions, without permission and despite the prohibitions, the investor led to people becoming homeless and my advice to tenants is to hire lawyers as quickly as possible to compensate them, and to provide a permanent solution for find their problem "Vucevic said after the meeting.

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Residents are happy that they have met the open door to the city authorities and a new meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 23. However, they note that they still do not know where they spend the next night and refuse a new conversation with the investor's representative, Dobril Knezevic.

"The owner, Milorad Zivkovic, did not hesitate to come and talk to us, but he sends someone who said yesterday that she was a technical person, she has been lying to us for six days and does not take anything, they offer us some barracks that we do not apartments and we want them to help us in one way or another and find us accommodation ", says the permanent representative of Tanjug, Dragan Mitrovic.

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Mayor Vučević pointed out that he commissioned the Center for Social Work to determine who lives in the state for the welfare of the tenants, to help them, and that the building inspection will be on site again today for an assessment of the apartments in which they can live, and for others to ask the housing cooperative "Astra Plan" to provide housing.

Milorad Zivkovic, director of the cooperative, told Tanjug in a telephone statement that during the day they should have access to the construction site to start the rehabilitation and claims that they will repair the damaged walls in the shortest possible time and in connection with the temporary housing. they are unrealistic, but they continue to seek solutions.

According to one of the residents Dragan Mitrovic, the end of their problems is not visible.

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