"RETURN TO 48 HOURS!" The scary "game" is being redistributed on the internet, so that children and parents also have a LIFE OF LIFE

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A new dangerous game appeared on social networks and it means that teenagers leave home for at least 48 hours to report their disappearance to their parents

Social networks have once again proved to be the perfect basis for developing dangerous trends, especially for those who are still underdeveloped to use them. As explained, the intention is that the child disappears long enough from home to report the disappearance, and the longer it is absent and the more irritating parents will receive more points.

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"As far as I was informed, on internet is about & # 39; 48 hours of challenge & # 39; active, which teenagers & # 39; play & # 39; and go home , if their disappearance is reported Please, focus your attention (children) on how foolish it is not to be traumatized by parents and not give them space boxes to make someone really disappear ", says a Facebook announcement that has been extended on other networks.


The rules of the game encourage a child to escape from home and disappear for two days. This sick viral trend also gives extra points for every message on social networks until the child arrives.

It is therefore advisable that parents and friends stay away and publish distressed messages and ask for help to find their child.

When they complete the task, the children return home and the parents, happy that their child is still alive, cross over.

There are years

The warning about this game started to run around on the internet in October 2017 and in all likelihood this bizarre and dangerous challenge is becoming popular again. Even then, "Blic" wrote about the cases of children who went abroad because of "playing" this challenge.

According to some accusations, however, this is a variation on the game that existed in Western Europe a few years ago. It took 72 hours.

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– If this is true, explain to your children that such things are not the case for a child and that it is very easy for a child to disappear through this idiocy. I am not talking about small places where there may be a lack of people or resources, which could easily cause a serious tragedy – wrote a user of social networks.

Is that dangerous game Momo?

As someone has explained, children not only work out jokes, but are also threatened with messages that they have to do it. Messages contain an image of a woman from horror games & # 39; and if they object, they will be punished. “/> MOMO “/> Photo: Photo: Whatsapp / screenshot



One of the games that was also popular on networks and & # 39; Blue Kit & # 39; is extremely dangerous. Reportedly, about 130 children have been killed in different states who have completed a series of orders for 50 days. Many of the tasks related to self-respect and the ultimate level was the execution of suicide.

  Plavi-kit Photo – screenshot

The first target of & # 39; Blue Whale & # 39; in Serbia, as & # 39; Blic & # 39;

Jeziva game Momo

The game "Momo" spreads all over the world. popular applications "" Watsapp "", and is meant for the youngest users. The effect of the game can also be suicide, experts say. It has not arrived yet, but the danger is there.

Like some foreign media, after the children have contact with mother, they are faced with a series of serious challenges, and if some refuse, they follow a sentence and start receiving threatening messages and frightening pictures. [19659010] If you become a victim of whom you must report?

Citizens can report abuse of the Internet, but also endanger the safety of children on the Internet by sending the National Contact Center for Children & # 39; s Safety on the Internet to 19833 by sending an e-mail to bit @ mtt.gov.rs or via an electronic application on the portal www.pametnoibezbedno.gov.rs

They can also send their application to the e-mail address of the parquet for High Tech Crime in Belgrade, Katanić Street no. 15. at the following address: [email protected] or the Ministry of the Interior, Department for combating high-tech crime at: [email protected] or [email protected].

"On the internet does not do what does not do on the street"

Behavior on social networks must not differ from that in the "real world", the main board of Dragan Jovanovic, deputy head of the High-Tech Crime department of the MUP of Serbia

– Everything is unthinkable, we work on the internet. Is it conceivable to take your own child naked in the middle of the Republic Square and walk it? And if you do it on the beach and hang on Facebook, that's fine. Milioni people can take that photo if your profile is open and people often do not know how to protect their profiles – Jovanovic explains.

  Dragan Jovanovic Photo: Stevan Rankovic / RAS Serbia
Dragan Jovanovic

With this scenical example he wanted to show the frequent subconscious of people that behavior on the internet can be very dangerous.

What can you publish and share in any way?

* Do not send anyone your UMBG (such information can be requested by police and municipal police, BIA and VBA, courts, customs and taxpayers – if you commit a tax crime)

* Do not send photo's your personal documents

* Do not send a photo of yourself while you have an open passport or personal property

* Do not mail your unknown address from your country

* Do not pay money to an unknown recipient

* Do not post & # 39; s your airline and others cards

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