RHMZ WARNING: A stormy storm, a city, strong air bubbles and a severe drop in temperature are coming Background stories

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August 25, 2018 13:54 |

In Serbia short-term weather conditions are expected tomorrow, followed by abundant precipitation (30 mm, local and higher), city and stormy winds

Short-term weather conditions are expected in Serbia tomorrow, followed by heavy precipitation (30 mm, local and higher), city and storm winds, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute announced.

In the afternoon the majority of the country is mostly sunny, only in the northwest and & # 39; In the afternoon and in the evening, and in other parts there are stronger clouds with rain, thunderstorms and thunderstorms.
Local is expected shortly, accompanied by abundant rainfall, city and storm winds.

The wind will be weak and temperate, in the northwest, in the south and southeast, from the middle of the day in Vojvodina, and in the afternoon and evening in Pomoravlje and Timočka Krajina, occasionally strong, northwestern.

The lowest temperature is from 14 to 21 C, the highest from 24 in the northwest to 33 C in the east and southeast.

In the morning, in Belgrade, it is mostly sunny, from the middle of the day it is cloudy with rain, thunderstorms, thunderstorms and a noticeable fall in temperature.
The wind will be weak and moderate, noon, strong, northwest, short-lived with storms. Lowest temperature around 21, the highest around 28 C.

Expectations for seven days, until September 2:

On Monday, moderate to cloudy, 7 to 10 degrees colder, partly with rain and gusting wind. On Tuesday it is slightly cloudy and in the east and south it still rains with rain. Then mostly sunny, with a gradual rise in temperature.

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