RHMZ warns: SERVIA WILL STILL BE NECESSARY TO ANOTHER TWO SATA! Pity and thunder just did not start! | news

  photo: Fonet / Nenad Orević
photo: Fonet / Nenad Orević

The Republican Hydromorogy Bureau has announced that it will be very bad in the next two hours to hit parts of Serbia.

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– In the city of Bačka and in the southwest of Serbia, the next two hours of local thunderous flakes. Obfuscation is gradually weakening – RHMZ announces ..

They say that in Serbia the next seven days will be mostly sunny and warm weather, with the highest temperature of 29 to 34 degrees, and RHMZ also warns of the coming warm waves.

Warm waves that last at least 5 consecutive days, as reported on the RHMZ site, start on the territory of Belgrade and Baška on August 19 and arrive in Banat on August 21st.


(Espreso.rs / Serbia today)

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