Road is 24.8.2018. the border crosses the Batrovci Horgos

According to the latest information from the management of the border police, the intensity of traffic has increased considerably.

At the exit from Serbia to Hungary – 120 minutes waiting for Horgos and Kelebija, and 90 minutes at Backi Vinogradi.

For access to Croatia, passenger cars wait two hours in Batrovci and Sid for 60 minutes.

At the entrance to Serbia Presevo waits for an hour and in Gradina for 40 minutes, in eight columns.

It is also on the Sremska Raca, where 60 minutes wait at the exit. You will spend the same time at the border crossing of the Špilja with Montenegro, in both directions.

The weekend ahead of us will increase the number of vehicles on the road and significantly increase traffic, which will also redefine the long columns and multiple retention at certain limits.

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