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The test in Sari Vidak (20) in Belgrade started today at the court of Kotor. Rewards an attack on a judge, claims that Jelena Stanisic grabbed her by the hand and pushed her

BEOGRADANKA Sara Vidak (20) today denied in the Kotor Court of Appeal that she has attacked the judge for misconduct Jelena Stanisic. She presented her defense and claimed that the judge grabbed her by the hand and pushed her away. She explained that she then warned the judge about such behavior, after which her claims Stanisic panicked and shouted that she allegedly attacked her.

Vidakova, who was brought to court with handcuffs, repeated today that she did not criticize Stanisic's hand, but that the judge looked out of the office she had entered after the attack. She also said that the basal prosecutor had not told her to defend her during the hearing and had the right to call the ambassador.

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The citizen of Belgrade said today that the public prosecutor was inaccurate and unpleasant towards her and that she did not even sign it for that.

Stanisic stated that Sari Vidak and her friend Stevan Prpi, when they came to court, explained the procedure culturally, but Vidak's speech was brutal and even closed the door of the office.

The judge explained that Sara's friend pleaded guilty during the course of the trial, that is, he hit him in a parked car and asked him to be convicted. Then the judge declared today that Prpa had paid the fine and signed three copies.

– Then I heard a rumble in front of the office: "This is an injustice, we want a call." When the shouts and the seagulls grew, I went to the threshold of the office. I asked what the problem was and my mother, Sara Vidak, told me: "I'm ashamed of you, you've been bullied all day, you're discriminating against us on a national basis," Stanisic said, adding that she explained to them that the complaints were transferred to the office and she asked them to leave the premises.

When Judge commented, Sara Vidak addressed the words: "What is your last name, you will hear about this," after which the accused hit her by the hand, caught her and began to hold her hand.

The judge said the police and the ambulance were called. At the same time, according to Stanisic, the defendant invited her mother to give her a Canadian passport. The judge added that she was upset and went to First Aid because of the situation.

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– I could not believe anyone would physically attack me in the workplace. On that occasion, Vidakova patted her foot and blocked the door to prevent me from returning to the office – the judge said.

Today the request was rejected that Sara Vidak was released and the trial will continue on September 5th.


At the request of defense lawyer Srdjan Lješković, or the job description of the judge for misconduct to mislead the order in the corridor, Stanišić said she was not, but she wanted to explain to the parties who disagreed with the decision she had taken earlier. The judge added that her injuries were resolved in the health center, after which Lješković said that there was no medical evidence to confirm her allegations.

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