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In the display case of the Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris figures of a comic hero are placed in a position that alludes to sex. The controversial figure is part of the exhibition "End and Beginning"

The exhibition of the Cultural Information Center of Serbia (KIC) in Paris is more than ten days decorated with the sculptures of Disney's heroes Mikija Maus and Paje Duck in a position related to a sexual act. Unordered figures are placed under a large photo of the White Angel from the Mileševo ​​monastery, which is also a trademark of this institution.

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The photo "s of readers of" Novosti "from Paris show large images of" dizzy "at the central location of the Cultural Center.

– It is not enough that such content is exposed to an institution that should promote our culture in Europe. Without going into artistic freedom, we do not believe that the sexual act of Paje Duck and Mikija Maus realizes the reach of Serbian art – the Serbs from Paris said as a follow-up commentary with the photo they delivered in the editors "Novosti".

CHANGE EXHIBITIONS, WHITE ANJEEO WILL BE DISCOUNTS are placed not far from the photo of the Milesevo White Angel, which adorns the entrance to the Serbian cultural center. – There is no greater symbol of peace, tolerance and beauty than the White Angel. His photo has been centered for a long time by the center and the story of this fresco is printed in all our catalogs. Exhibitions and settings change, and the White Angel remains, "says Pavlović, and recalls that it is not known that the fragment of the famous frescoes from Mileševo ​​will be sent to the universe as a message of peace to the whole cosmos.

As explained at the KIC in Paris, the controversial sculpture is the work of the artist Milorad Stajačić and it is an integral part of the exhibition "End and Beginning" that was opened on 9 August. Behind this institution, five authors from Serbia meet in the art group "Dimension". Their works were recorded at all three exhibition levels in the CIC of Paris.

Director of this institution, drama writer Radoslav Lale Pavlovic explains the controversial figure in the display case with artistic freedom and "Novosti" points out that the project, which includes controversial sculpture, went to the competition of the Ministry of Culture.

– I am not in a position to judge what content is appropriate, and who does not, – says Pavlovic. – The project "End and Start" was submitted for the competition, which is published by the ministry every year. This means that the exhibition was judged by an expert committee that gave the green light to travel to Paris. I can only say that the institution has generated a lot of interest in Paris, and it is now clear that the exhibition is the most visited exhibition that has been organized in the KIC for many years.

Pavlovic notes that the author of the sculptures Miki and Paje in a delicate "action" and I asked the question of the suitability of this content, but that he realized that it was a kind of provocation.

– I have received a clear answer that both Disney heroes are helpless creatures and that all associations are the product of our personal interpretation and vision. This sculpture therefore speaks more about us than about Disney's comic double. It should be kept in mind that sexual and homosexual connotations in Paris have long been a source of public attention to what we are used to in Serbia, "he says.

Radoslav Pavlović

The Ministry of Culture and Information explains that the exhibition "End and Start" is the work of renowned artists on the basis of which a professional committee was given by the Program Committee, based on two hundred proposals in the competition.

– In contemporary art it often happens that the content is dependent on "loading", regardless of what the artist wanted to tell us. If you see an explicit act of two comic book heroes in this sculpture, this would be inappropriate for the institution where it was founded. If we take into account the view of the artist that these are inferior beings, this institution does not differ from others in Paris in the field of contemporary art. He guided the Program Council in making decisions about the selection of projects – says Jagoda Stamenkovic, head of the department for international cooperation and European integration in culture, for "Novosti".

Around the cultural center of Serbia in Paris has been plagued by scandals and scandals. The last unpleasant event occurred in April of this year, when the culmination was of a conflict between the current director Radoslav Pavlovic and two KIC officers who had the support of the then Serbian ambassador Rajko Ristic. The cultural institution is the only one in Europe and is located in the center of Paris.


FIGURE Mikija Maus and Paje Duck alluding to sexual intercourse, as head of the Serbian diplomacy Ivica Dacic, are unacceptable as images of Serbian culture.

– The Culture and Information Center program in Paris is determined by the Ministry of Culture. My personal opinion, however, is that such institutions are scandalous and certainly unworthy of the institution to which they are exposed – Dacic says for "Novosti".

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