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The police in Krusevac arrested Zoran Jotic Jotka because he suspected that he helped with the murder of Dejan Stankovic, called Ždrokinac, finds KRIK and states that his close associate Igor Gajic was also arrested, suspected of complicity in this murder.

They were held for 48 hours, earlier today in a statement from the police. It is claimed that the order was issued for S.R. (1993) because he is suspected of being the direct perpetrator of the murder of Dejan Stankovic and his son Vojin.

Stankovic was killed in June this year for the Golf Hotel in Krusevac, and his son a month earlier for the cafe in the center of this city. The murdered Stankovic, known by the nickname Ždrokinac, was tried in 2015 for the murder of Milutin Rokic, a dentist from Krusevac.

He was acquitted, however, largely because the court could not determine whether the DNA found at the site of the murder was his or his twin brother, reported KRIK. The group of Zoran Jotic Jotka was one of the most brutal in Serbia and was founded in the nineties, says the portal. Jotić founded the group with Goran Petrović Pet, who was killed in the gym at the Golf Hotel in Kruševac in 2015, and his murder has not yet been resolved. Jotić and Petrović were mainly engaged in extortion by famous businessmen of Kruševac and were threatened by the victims, throwing bombs at houses, burning cars, KRIK reports.

The members also dealt with the smuggling of drugs and weapons, according to the White Book of organized crime, and a large part of the group was arrested during "Sablje" and convicted of extortion and bribery of the Supreme Court judge, this portal remembers . According to KRIK Jotic served a sentence and he was taken out of prison half a year ago.

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