Secondary student from Nis has returned from Stuttgart: there are no telephones in schools in Germany

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August 27, 2018 22:28 |

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A second-degree student of the secondary school "Svetozar Markovic" in Nis, Lara Novak (16), recently returned from Stuttgart and had a month to live in that city to visit a school and her impressive to give impressions

Scholar Svetozar Markovic Lara Novak (16) recently returned from Stuttgart because she had the opportunity to live in that city for a month and go to school there, and one of the most striking impressions she brought from Germany is that related to with mobile phones.

"Students can not even think about using a mobile phone in a time or a break, even if the student only holds the phone, the professor is obliged to send him to the director and bring his phone." The use of mobile phones is only allowed in the cafeteria, during a break for lunch, "Novak told the Beta agency.

Lara Novak got the chance to stay in Stuttgart thanks to a scholarship she received at the German association "Gerhard" from Sombor.

As a scholarship she was housed in a German family and she had the obligation to attend classes regularly.

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"Most cases coincide with ours, but generally the materials of all subjects are much simpler and differently organized." Students are familiar with the material through different levels that are upgrading, they do not have to learn the details, but only what is most basic from a certain area, Novak said.

She said that all students, at the school where she was at the beginning of the school year, received sets of books that she had to return to school after completing her classes.

According to her, the atmosphere on the lessons is relaxed, but in spite of this most school obligations are completed during the lessons, so students after the school are free.

"The best figure is the unit, and the worst six, with the unit rarely one." The student must be an extraordinary talent for an item to get a unit. "When they had to estimate their work on time at one point, almost all students gave themselves a triple or 4. When I asked them why they did not give a better rating, they told me they would just lie to themselves," said Novak.

She said that the big surprise for her was that boys and girls at the school in Stuttgart had different classes physically and that boys can only give lessons to teachers and girls of the professor physically.

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"The difference between us and their school is that they have a dining room where they can eat." Students who want to apply can work in a canteen and receive a free meal or a small cash allowance in exchange, "Novak explains.

According to her, the stereotype is that the Germans are cold and not social.

"Everyone at school accepted me enormously, they were nice to me and wanted to be with me, I was surprised by the fact that I speak German, because in previous years they had exchanged children from other European countries who spoke only German and were talking loudly, "said Novak.

As she said, she was able to visit the city and the local museums and sights, thanks to a meeting with her peers from Stuttgart, and to significantly improve the knowledge of the German language, which was the main goal of her departure that land.

"High school students in Germany go to pubs like we do in Serbia, but prefer to walk in parks or cities, they differ in the fact that nobody has a phone in the cafe, everyone talks to society," remarked Novak.

She said that there are great cultural differences between our and German families.

All members of the family, she added, are involved in home affairs, and everyone tries to do everything in their power to make it easier for them to live together.

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