Serbian fraud arrested in France: he tried to pledge 2 million euros for counterfeit banknotes Telegraph

He was arrested on August 13 in a luxury hotel in Cannes, where he lived for some time on a high leg, in a luxury car and watch of about 100,000 euros

  Bitkoin, foxes

is considered a fraudster of international proportions arrested in France, sources reported to the conclusion of judicial authorities.

Take a good look at these two photos, do you recognize him? He appeared as the owner of the company and drove a large number of Belgraders (PHOTO)

. As he said, he was arrested after attempting to give a South Korean citizen in exchange for two million euros in bribes which made false banknotes were made

A Serb citizen whose identity was not announced, was heard in the Court of Nice and an indictment was filed against him in an organized gang, his lawyer, Gerard Bud, said his chairman, adding that his client was in custody while his accomplice is still following. He was arrested on August 13 at a luxury hotel in Cannes, where he lived on a high leg for some time, drove in a luxury car and watched about 100,000 euros.

Victim is a South Korean entrepreneur, owner of a bitkins company, based in Singapore. He appealed on 30 July after he had noticed that he had received 500 euro banknotes. Entrepreneurs occupied the men, represented themselves as investors and urged him to start a job worth more than 500,000 euros.

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