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Among interested buyers and new owner of "Telenor" – Czech "PPF Group"

"TELEKOM Srbija" made an offer for the purchase of "Telekom Albania", which is owned by "Deutsche Telekom", it was confirmed today "Novostima" in this Serbian company.

– This interest is evidence of the intention of "Telekom Srbija" to position itself as a regional leader in telecommunications. We have made the offer to purchase shares of "Telecom of Albania" and we are currently considering our offers and offers from other competitors and therefore we can not provide more detailed information – quotations in "Telekom Srbija".

Although there are two interested buyers for the purchase of Albanian Telecom, it appears that Telekom Srbija will be the biggest competitor in the Czech PPF group, which recently acquired the Telenor companies in four countries in the region, including Serbia. In addition to the Serbian operator, two Bulgarian companies, Vivakom, are owned by Spas Rusev and Globul Telecom, a former Telenor & # 39 ;, and now owned by the Czech & # 39; PPF Group & # 39 ;.

The Serbian state operator did not hide plans to expand its activities. Recently, just before "Novosti", the management of this telecommunication company has discovered that it is working on acquisitions of cable operators in the country, while announcing the announcement of the emergence of a new period in the development of the company.

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By purchasing an Albanian operator, "Telekom Srbija" would significantly expand the market in which it operates and become the leading "player" in the region. For the time being, except in Serbia, it is present in Republika Srpska, which covers the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina ("Mtel Banjaluka"), then in Montenegro ("Mtel Podgorica"), as well as in Austria ("Mtel Austria").

"Telekom Srbija" is one of the most profitable Serbian companies. According to data from the financial report for 2017, it worked last year with a profit of more than 120 million euros!

In 2017, which is also the twentieth anniversary of the company, "Telekom Srbija", together with subsidiaries ("Telekom Srbija Group") in the regional markets where it operates, continued the continuity of successful business and growth by 10 million users to reach, with a first two million users in 1997, when it was founded.

With the promotion of new technology in "Telekom Srbija", which was attended by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić

– The parent company Telekom Srbija has maintained a stable market share of 46% in mobile telephony, as in the last four years, and is one of the leading telecom companies at regional level with its 14 dependent companies and operations in six countries – said Predrag Ülibrk, General Manager of Telekom Srbija, in the introductory words of the consolidated official report on business activities.

Acquisition of "Telekom Albania" Serbian Telecom would practically cover the regional market with more than 22 million inhabitants.


"ALBANSKI TELEKOM" is a limited liability company whose majority share of 99.79% is held by the Greek telecommunications company OTE. And the owner of OTE with a significant share of shares is the German "Deutsche Telekom". With the exception of the presence of OTE in Greece, Albania and Romania, "Deutsche Telekom" is also present in a large number of other European countries, as well as in the region, in more than 50 countries. For example, the German operator is the owner of companies in Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, but also in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Slovakia, Denmark, Great Britain …

It is considered the leading telecom operator, with 168 million mobile users, 28 million fixed lines and 19 million "lines" broadband internet.

SELLER "Telekom Albanije"


Another interesting thing about the purchase of "Telekom Albania" is the ownership of "Deutsche Telekom". This large German operator has often referred to the Telekom Srbija as a potential buyer in the previous period. Now the Serbian "Telekom" buys part of its property …

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