SILOVAO I PRETUKAO CESKU (81) OD 1000 DINARA! Details of the monstrous crime in Zajecar

Milanki R. (81) from Zajecar fell yesterday in a family home, a robber who brutally beat her and raped her. He fished the old house to the whole house, so that he could find only a thousand dinars in his wallet. The police followed him intensively

The old woman was attacked in the morning for about an hour at the foot of the park forest of Kraljevica, where her house is her home. According to our source of the investigation, the robber came into the house with the intention of robbing an unhappy woman.

He entered the house

– The suspect opened the lower part of the gate and walked into the yard. He threw the entrance door with his foot. He climbed into the house and the frightened grandmother, awakened by the noise, grabbed her by the nightgown and lifted her out of bed with the words: "Give money, I will not give you anything," said our source, adding:

– Milanka started to cry and swear that there are no valuables or money in the house. The bandit did not believe her, so he started to live by an old woman. He slapped her emotionally, while she was hanging around and bloody on the floor. Then he pulled the curtain out of the window and tied Milanka to her chair.

LIVING WOMEN, IS TAKEN! The maniac from Belgrade has just escaped from prison, the mother of a prison colleague AFFILIATE FROM LIFE!

The source of the informant states that although the unhappy woman repeated all the time: "Son, please do not punish me, I have no money," the suspect did not stop her from being beaten.

– The suspect continued to beat her and yell at her, and asked the old woman to give her money. He came through the whole house. He even moved furniture. Because he did not like it, he came back to Milanka, wished him, pulled his hair, slapped her head while she cried, our source said.

As Informer learns, the robber at one point pushed the grandmother away from the chair, then leaned on her and raped her.

– Just as he would leave Milanka's house, he found her coat with a jacket with a thousand dinars at the door. He took the money and walked out of the house peacefully, even the cut close to the fence behind him – he said.

He is recovering in the hospital

Milanka R. was transported to the hospital of Zajecar because of severe vaginal bleeding and serious injuries caused by a robber. She is in intensive care and her health is slowly stabilizing.

Call for help

Milanka R. gathered strength and called the first neighbor, who helps her with housework, tells her: "Come soon, I will die."

– Komšinica thought grandma was bad, so she went straight to her. But when she walked in, she saw the house and the old woman who had blown up all the bloody at the table. She immediately called the police, which came quickly and began a search for a robber, – says our source.

HOROR IN ZAJEČAR! The young man brutally beaten and raped the old woman (81), the doctors wrestled for her life!

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