SKANDAL IN THE NOVI SAD BASIC PROSECUTOR: Offer bribe of 12,000 dinars? | Chronicle

Lj. P. |

September 19, 2018 07:11 |

The Accused for Traffic Accident of B.G., G. (52), of Kisac, offered bribes to the deputy public prosecutor

IN THE PRIMARY Public Prosecution Service in Novi Sad an unprecedented situation has arisen. The prosecutor for a road accident of the B.G. (52), B.G. (52), from Kisac, the Deputy Prosecutor offered bribes to give up his criminal prosecution because he "failed" the chance or the postponement of the prosecution. In a closed envelope there would reportedly have been 12,000 dinars.

The simple public prosecutor is immediately informed.

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– The man came into the office of the deputy deputy prosecutor in the afternoon and put a closed envelope on his desk with his money – we learn unofficially. – In addition, he has a complaint with him.

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