SKANDAL NAD SKANDALS! Shoes made in Kosovo in the middle of Belgrade

The label of an unrecognized state of Kosovo "adorns" shoes sold in the middle of Belgrade.

Nusret Gashi, the owner of the company that produces shoes "Geris" in Ferizaj, on the occasion of the sale of his shoes in the center of Belgrade, whose statements are "mejd in Kosovo", says no one has ever created a problem for them

we write nothing but the name "Geris" if we already have the problem of "girl in Kosovo". But at the terminals, when we send it to Serbia, and the newspapers state that footwear was produced in the Republic of Kosovo. So far, no one has made a problem for us, although I have no report in the past month – says Gashi for "Novosti".

That does not mean he will not do that, he adds.

– We can not say that we are doing in China when we make that shoe in Kosovo. We have always written "in Kosovo" and I did not even know that there should be another sign, like the story of HK – Gashi.

"Ladies", men's and children's shoes "Geris" are sold in almost all of Serbia and it is safe that none of the buyers noticed the importance of writing the name of an unrecognized state or did not care much.

– There was a kind of omission, because goods from Kosovo and Metohija could come in, but according to the agreement made, it must be "HK", which is a sign for the customs territory of Kosovo – says Minister of Commerce Rasim Ljajic.

Until a few years ago, the footwear dealer from Kosovo was the company "MikoŇ°" from Cacak, but they no longer work with them. Since last year, the company "Geris" from Ferizaj has opened its representative office in Belgrade, where they have a small warehouse and all goods are further distributed, "Novosti" quotes.

Trade, show numbers and jobs do not interfere much with policy.

According to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, total goods turnover in Kosovo in the first six months of 2018 amounted to EUR 231.9 million, a 10.3% increase over the same period last year.

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Source: Novosti

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