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24 August 2018 16:33> 17:09 |

Slađana Tomašević, head of RTS & # 39; s Belgrade Chronicle, announced for the first time since the incident with her neighbors in the building

Sladjana Tomasevic, the head of RTS & # 39; s Belgrade Chronicle, walked into the building for the first time after an incident with one of her neighbors when one of her neighbors silenced her.

The daughter of the president of the tenants meeting, Bora Kuzmanovic, struck her, after, according to her neighbors, torn paper from the bulletin board for the tenants' meeting. During the meeting, the neighbors explained that it would discuss the allegedly illegal construction of the manager of the apartment. Stanari says that Kuzmanovic, otherwise prominent professor, asked: "Are you going to split Sladjana's papers again?" And she answered, "I will tear him, who can I do?" and continued to scream.

– Unfortunately, it is true that the incident happened of course that I immediately informed the competent authorities of the state of that event. According to the prosecution's order, all the necessary evidence and a video from the security cameras of the building have been taken, where the event itself is more than self-evident. In this respect, the authorities are doing their job and I would not want to say anything else. All this caused inconspicuous stress for my family and me – said Tomasevic.

She confirmed that she was building an upgrade in the building, but she was underlined and that it was all by law.

– As far as the mentioned upgrade is concerned, I would like to emphasize that everything has been done in accordance with the law and with all the necessary permissions and permissions, which I have "waited for more than 9 years", as "it is important for everyone". Conscious of my responsibilities and the work I deal with, I would never do anything that would violate any law, "she said.

She condemned the violence and said that the conflict would be solved by the authorities.

– As a person engaged in public affairs, I condemn all forms of violence, both physically and mentally. On this occasion, I will no longer make a statement, so the competent authorities can do their job according to the law, "Tomasevic said.


Following the recent incident with the name of the journalist RTS Sladjana Tomasevic, who, according to the media, hit the tenant of the building in which Tomasevicevalife, and after the dispute over the upgrade, MUP responded to State Secretary Biljana Popovic Ivkovic by saying that any form of violence should not be socially acceptable.

"When it comes to the attack on Sladjana Tomasevic, the police immediately after the complaint made a conversation with a journalist who said she had been attacked, as well as a woman who indicated she had hit her in the main area. witnesses to this event, and a shot from security camera's was removed, "said Popovic Ivkovic for Tanjg.

She added that a detailed report, with images, was forwarded to the competent public prosecutor's office for further decision-making.

"The Prosecution has, in his own words, filed a request to gather the necessary information and the police will further determine the circumstances of this event, especially if this incident has to do with his journalistic appeal," said Popovic Ivkovic.

She emphasized in particular that no form of violence should be socially acceptable, tolerated or justified.

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