Slavisa Lekic: Ivica Dacic, "Hidden Camera" and Slammer

The habit of looking for a remote control immediately after waking up and mechanically pressing the button of one of the first six stored channels becomes a rule that has been working on my nerves for a long time.

Although often, not to lie, that morning routine brings a cheerful mood before she enters the new day.

Early one morning, from the darkness of the screen, suddenly the head of Ivica Dačić, the foreign minister, emerged and in the year I looked at the following words:

"… Come to me, you know what, it comes to me to get up and give them a blow!"

Echo, contam, they slipped away in a kind of hidden camera, although Serbia's first deputy prime minister is known for his public appearances, where stubborn verbal gymnastics removes any doubt in his speaking skills.

When, not lies, when it spreads and, to my great sadness in the morning, it turns out that this famous vocal soloist is really on TV Pinku in Dee and Sarape. In the sequel, mainly due to the idiotic understanding of politics and the bump approach of the profession, which makes Sarapa & lebom & # 39; the family is injured, I discover that the bang of the blow & # 39; meant & # 39; was for the Albanian negotiators in Brussels. If Thaçi did not want to bend enough or Vučić fell asleep, he jumped off the floor and prevented the tragedy, I do not know, only Dačić, although heavily rebelling, even threw the "Slammer" in the folder – "Talk to Uncle and Sarapi "!

For the unknown reason, that same morning I remembered the real "Hidden Camera" more than five years ago, where the actors were Dacic, the then prime minister of the Serbian government, and the fierce leader and playboy rabbit, who during the interview "Sharon Stone Moment "from the film" Low Passion ".

& # 39; The point was that Dacic was pretty sure he saw what he saw. With the depilation of the cross, we would not achieve this, "said Branka Knezevic, a fake leader.

Dacic saw a "cica-maca", and his fall with the cross of an uncontaminated leader, a confused smile and a sheriff who screamed eyebrows, saw more than a million people. It is speculated that Aleksandar Vucic did not watch the video: bad languages ​​claim that he wrote the script.

By the way, Dacic & # 39; s & # 39; Uncovered Camera & # 39; at Dee and Sarape happened, however coincidentally, for three years since the Crime and Criminology Research Network published secret recordings that met with meticulous encounters with Rodoljub Radulovic, named Misha Banan, one of the leaders of the drug cartel, with the leaders of the Serbian police. The meetings were screened by secret agents of the Serbian intelligence agency, who were followed by Operation Most by Radulovic as a member of the narco-clan. KRIK did not miss this opportunity to celebrate the birthday and to repeat the text of Stevan Doinovic, which I do not mind that I steal important details.

Radulovic, for which the Prosecution claims that he was under the control of Darko Saric, met Branko Lazarevic, the head of the cabinet of the Interior Minister, Ivica Dacic, on 29 November 2008.

During the period that he organized large quantities of drugs from South America to Europe with Radic, Radulovic was shot on the street on December 6, 2008 with Vanja Vukic, deputy head of the cabinet of the Minister of the Interior.

Two weeks later, on December 21, 2008, the jeep of Radulovic entered the state residence at Uzickastraat in Belgrade around 10 pm. The residence was then used by Dacic, the Minister of Police.

A little later than a month later, on January 31, 2009, the officers took a meeting between Radulovic and Prime Minister Dacic in the fish restaurant "Gušti mora". They cheer when they dine, relax and talk while they smoke. Dacic comes out with a bag in his hands.

At the beginning of April 2009, Radulovic met with Ivan Toncev, Dacic's national safety advisor. Radulovic whispered to his ear, stuck it on his chest and kissed his face.

Of all "hidden camera" actors, except Radulovic, who was sentenced in absentia to 12 years for the smuggling of 5.7 tons of cocaine, only Lazarevic was accused – for giving confidential information. After three years of trial, the lawsuit started these days from the start because of the change of one of the members of the testing room. Dacic was tacitly abolished from the previous and from this government. Just as it has never touched the Affair Affair!

In these nearly three decades, Dacic has not participated in the government for only three years. Ready to adapt perfectly rationally to everyone, from Sloba to Tadic to Vucic, he is better educated than all Levites in our hidden camera, which looks like a psychiatric hospital. Despite the fact that almost all of his performances, such as a politician or a vocalist, is an insult to common sense and a blow to us all.

But objectively, it is not his fault that he is, as he is, where he is.

What Gaga Jovanovic said in "Professionals" Dusan Kovacevic:

"Milosevic is not guilty, we are guilty, we are shit!"

(P.S. This text was written the day after the President of Serbia had apologized for: arrogance, arrogance, hypocrisy, malice, hate …?!, Crying because of – the nonsense about window cleaners in the US!)

(Slavisa Lekic – Danas)

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