SNS declared a convincing victory in Majdanpek, winning 65.45 percent; Doors: people see that we are serious about his politics

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Of the possible 31, the Serbian Progressive Party in Majdanpek SO will have 24 mandates!

Of the possible 31, the Serbian Progressive Party in Majdanpek SO will have 24 mandates!

This is after the local elections in Majdanpek, declared Darko Glisic, president of the IO SNS.

-SNS won 65.45% of the vote – said Glišić. – In the past we have won 17 seats, and even 24. That only means that people believe what our party and our leader Aleksandar Vucic is doing and is the best answer for all those who criticize us.

According to Glisic, the count in the local elections has passed only two other lists.

-The "Dveri", which will receive four mandates, will also come into parliament, and the SPS-JS coalition will have three council members in SO Majdanpek – said Glisic. – Census did not go through the PUPS, the Vlaska party "Most". There was also enough of the Vlaska party.

Unofficially Dejan Wagner remains in the position of the president of the municipality, who fulfilled this duty in the previous period, while the first man of the local parliament would be Dragan Popovic, who led the leadership in two terms as a DS member.

At the elections in Majdanpek, 17,325 voters had the right to vote and 58 percent of their voters exercised their rights.

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Regular local elections were held in Majdanpek, where candidates from the seven electoral lists compete for 31 city councils in the city council. The Municipal Election Commission has announced the election lists: "Aleksandar Vucic – Because we love Majdanpek", "Milan Krkobabic – PUPS – Majdanpek is Serbia", and "Ivica Dacic and Dragan Markovic Palma – SPS – Unique Serbia".

The elections were also attended by the list "Doctor Marko Radulovic – Serbian Movement or Dveri", "Vlaska Party Most", "Vlaska Party" and the Citizens Group list "Dosta je bilo – Upalimo svetlost".


The doors won 11.2% of the votes at the municipal elections in Majdanpek, which took second place during the elections, said the party on Tuesday.

The statement said that the result of the Majdanpek elections shows that it is possible that "more people in the Dveri see a serious opposition to the current government".

President of the Movement of Socialists Aleksandar Vulin congratulated the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party and all members of that party for winning the local elections in Majdanpek.

Vulin said that he congratulated a convincing and certain victory by saying that Serbia again chose to follow the perseverance and honesty of Vucic.

"In Majdanpek, a city of miners, people who take their bread from a hard and hard country, your honesty, values ​​and courage are respected." Serbia again chose to follow your perseverance and honesty, to show how much you love and how much it believes. I congratulate you and pray that you will convey my brother's congratulations to all members of the SNS, as well as all members of the Socialist Movement, "Vulin said in a congratulatory letter to the leader of the SNS.

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