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Supporting walls have already fallen three times and the reason for this is a change in the project that the Spanish "Azva" had requested

Roof wall Corridor 10

The first results of the research show that the damage caused by the collapse of the retaining wall on corridor 10 is more than three million euros, and that because of the construction fault, the repair will fall under the burden of the Spanish company "Azvi".

Rehabilitation of the support wall since 21 August: Despite the problems Corridor 10 (PHOTO) ends

The supporting walls have already fallen three times, and the reason for this is the change in the project that the Spanish "Azvi" had requested, according to which no vertical drain for water was built, writes Blic.

Due to the suspicion that there are elements of the threat to the security of the country due to the defective completion of the design and construction process, the BIA has also been involved in the investigation, which should determine who has adapted the project on its own.

Source Blic of "Azov" estimated that Someone has sacrificed national interests for private and that there is a lot of evidence for this, and also the true claim of the experts shows that it "holds the hill with a toothpick".

There were serious warnings to abandon this model and to solve the problem of water with vertical drainage channels, said the unspecified interlocutor, and stressed that this is an additional reason to reassess the personal responsibility of all players in this story because they did not want to listen to the appeal that the Spanish system it will not be sufficient in the Grdelic gap.

The current director of Corridor 10 said that everything is done to the project. Photo: Tanjug / Zoran Zestic

The current director of the Corridor Zoran Babic has requested a two-fold report on the quality of the works, at the end of 2017 and in January 2018, but received an answer in April of this year by saying that everything was carried out according to the project, said an unspecified interlocutor.

Minister Zorana Mihajlovic of the construction said she would insist on finding errors for the construction of the road in the Grdelicka Gorge.

– For me, two tasks are important – to complete the Corridor and to be safe, and others, to establish responsibility for the collapse of the wall.

Mihajlovic said that he would also try to determine whether the first project from 2010 was good.

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