Terrifying clouds for Belgrade: RHMZ issued an urgent warning, the thunderstorm is already raging in the west of Serbia (MAPA) | Telegraph

In the next hour from the direction Zvornik and Krupnja the cloudy system that causes a strong thunder, thunder and the city will be moved to the north of Loznica and Banja Koviljaca, he made RHMZ an emergency warning.

Printskrin: Weather channel

As announced by the Republican Hydrometeorological Institute, from 20 to 22 hours in the west of Backa and Srem, and in western Serbia, in the region, with rain or short thunderstorms.

It has been issued a warning for short-term weather expected on Tuesday, which could cause a flooding problem.

Tonight and nights in the west and north of the country, and tomorrow in other parts, short-term weather conditions are expected locally: heavy rainfall (20 millimeters for a short period, local and more), city and storm wind.

On Monday and certain parts of Belgrade short-term weather conditions are possible, which will bring the same amount of rainfall as the most valued for Serbia during the night.

The orange meteo alarm for dangerous weather was issued for Western Serbia, while the eastern force is yellow, where the weather can be potentially dangerous.

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