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A homeless man from Philadelphia, Johnny Bobbit, younger than himself, had a chance for a new life.

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Last October, homeless Johnny Bobbie, the youngest, donated his last $ 20 to get Kate Mecklur out of fuel in the middle of the night to take her home, writes "Si-En-En" (CNN). ).

To delay, Kate launched an online campaign (GoFundMe campaign) together with his friend, Mark Damick, in which he raised money for Johnny. In this way she wanted to thank him for the enormous service, because if he was not there, she would stay on the road.

The story of Kate I Marka soon became viral, spread the internet and received a number of positive reactions, and in the six months 402.406 dollars was raised for the homeless.

But this action, made as a good work, turned into bribes, and the reason is money.

Lawyer Johnny Bobbit says that a large part of the money that was bought in the campaign did not get his client.

"What I can see, on the order GoFundMe $ 402,000 was collected, and GoFundMe he has charged a fee of up to $ 30,000. Mark Amiko and Kate McLaur gave Johnny about $ 75,000. It would cost almost $ 300,000 to pay Johnny, "said Bobit's lawyer, Chris Falon, for" Si-En-En. "

Falon said that he and his colleague Jakeel Promethale were working to return the money to the right hands or to whom it was intended.

As he says, the goal is that Johnny Bobitupravla earns that money, so the 14,000 people who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign know where their money has ended.

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